San Francisco 49ers: Bad Decisions Regarding Aldon Smith

According to reports, San Francisco 49ers‘ prized linebacker Aldon Smith was busted Friday morning with marijuana, pills and a blood-alcohol level of .15 which is nearly twice the legal limit. Now in Smith’s third NFL season, he has accumulated quite a record outside of football. Smith, now with his second DUI, has also been stabbed at a party, while there are also allegations of a gun-fight occurring at that same stabbing incident.

It was also reported that, “Smith’s foot was still on the accelerator of his SUV, which was against a tree, when police arrived,” Via The Sacramento Bee. There is even word that Smith has “passed out drunk” at the wheel.

What is most alarming about all this, is the 49ers’ refusal to take disciplinary action towards one of their star players. Very similar to the same situation, San Francisco had no hesitation when suspending DT Demarcus Dobbs for a 2012 DUI and marijuana possession arrest. However, when it comes to Smith, head coach Jim Harbaugh sounds completely different saying, ”I expect Aldon to be back at work and play on Sunday.”

It is evident that Smith has no regard for his own, or the well-being of people around him. What is scary is the small amount of time between these incidents. A 2012 DUI, followed by a stabbing and gun-related incident in the same year and now Smith is found passed out behind the wheel of an SUV that is driving into a tree. At what point does an intervention take place?

Further illustrating Smith’s disregard for human life, he was found at on a Friday morning in San Jose, a bustling area. I doubt he even remembers getting behind the wheel and I doubt he’d remember if he killed anyone either…

One thing is clear though: winning is more important than morals to Harbaugh and the 49ers organization.

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  • Steven Resnick

    Did you do any research before this article got posted? Yes, Smith has been arrested for a DUI in January of 2012, never convicted of one in fact it got reduced to a reckless driving charge.

    So that would make this incident his first, not second.

    He got stabbed while he was throwing a party at his house. Don’t know how that’s his fault.

    The lawsuit against him and Delanie Walker is a joke as well. Yes, Smith will get discipline it just won’t be by the 49ers franchise it will be by the NFL.

    • jonathan comeaux

      Alright, so you’re trying to rationalize his lack of responsibility due to him not getting convicted? I think the fact he was still putting lives in danger, and still on record for having done the fault, in no way excuses him for his actions. Do you live your life that way? When was the last time you got stabbed? You act like its a normal occurrence.

      I was raised to take responsibility for my actions

      • Steven Resnick

        Then why aren’t you taking responsibility for your poor research? You made a statement that is entirely false in regards to Smith. Way to own up to your mistake.

        • jonathan comeaux

          Alright, so he didnt get convicted. Do you believe he did nothing wrong? Your argument is irrelevant.

          • Steven Resnick

            Thank you for showing your hypocrisy further promoting your own ignorance. How about taking responsibility and admit that you didn’t do your research.

          • jonathan comeaux

            I did do research, he did have a run in last year for a DUI, regardless if convicted or not. He did have a police report at a party against him about gun-fire, and bullet holes were represented. He did have a police report about a stabbing. He did get busted for driving into a tree blacked out drunk on w/e prescription drug he was on. I don’t see anything in your argument that alleviates Aldon Smith from any wrong doing

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