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Tennessee Titans Center Rob Turner Says J.J. Watt Is A Liar

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans center Rob Turner is saying that J.J. Watt lied about confronting him after an illegal block in their game last Sunday. Turner, who is being fined for the play, is denying that Watt got in his face after he went low to block him on a screen play.

Watt told reporters after the game that he confronted Turner and said things along the lines of him having a family to feed. Turner denies this, saying that Watt never said anything to him after the play.

For his part, Turner admits that the play was a penalty based on the new rules this year. While he admits that he made a hard-nosed play in the heat of the moment, he denies it was dirty or that he was trying to hurt anyone.

These types of  peel-back blocks need to be taken out of the game. We’ve seen too many linemen go down with injuries because they were caught up in a low block. NFL players need their legs to play. And to go after them, no matter what type of play it is, just can’t be allowed or condoned.

While the play was legal just a year ago, it’s not anymore. Turner says he just reacted, but that’s no excuse. Just like defensive players shouldn’t be able to hide behind not wanting to change the way they play, offensive linemen shouldn’t be able to continue going after someone’s knees just because that’s the way it’s always been done.

Whether or not Watt said something to Turner on the field isn’t the issue. The issue is that Turner actually thinks that his actions were defensible.

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