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5 Philadelphia Eagles Players Who Should Not Step On the Field Again

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5 Philadelphia Eagles' Players Who Should Not Step on the Field

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After three games, it's evident that there is some stunning lack of effort and skill with this Philadelphia Eagles’ roster. Signings have not panned out like Howie Roseman planned, and you would be foolish not to question his evaluation skills. Since this is a building year, Chip Kelly should be taking notes. He needs to sweep out some leftover Andy Reid players and start building his own roster. If he is truly all-in, it will take time to shape each position to match his system. If he is having doubts, and he has already backed away from the speed of game one after three games, it will continue to show as the season progresses. Kelly is not used to losing, and we will see if he is as engaged and involved as he claims.

There are players who are stealing their paychecks with this team. They were recent additions who have not panned out and are past their prime. Some were never good enough to begin with. Good programs build from the draft; they shape players and create legacies. It is time for this team to be competitive again and start hitting in the personnel department. If they do not start having success, Roseman may find his head on the block next to Kelly’s within two seasons or less.

As fans, we need a good measure of patience, not a quality normally associated with Philadelphia sports. Kelly’s success will be found down the road, and he must stay true to the system that bought him the big contract and chance to coach against the big boys. If he is starting to waver already, it may be a sign of bad things to come. He may be in danger of losing this locker room.

Since we have a long week before facing the lethal Denver Broncos, let’s take a look at five players who should not take the field in an Eagles’ uniform ever again.

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5. Isaac Sopoaga

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When Isaac Sopoaga was signed, fans hailed his addition as the nose tackle the defense would need in the switch to Billy Davis' hybrid scheme. He came over with a solid background, good size and the experience needed to be a success. After watching three games, it is clear that Sopoaga does not have the skills he had in his prime. He gets no pressure, does not clog up opposing blockers, and is not stopping the run. If his lack of performance continues, look for Bennie Logan to get some time in the middle as the season progresses.

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4. James Casey

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James Casey was another signing that had the media and fans excited for the potential of his impact in Kelly's offense. We were told that Casey had the skills to make an immediate connection on the field. So far, he has done nothing more than drop a touchdown pass. How bad is Casey that he can barely break the field on game day? Look for this to be his one and only season with the Eagles and for Kelly to draft a replacement player in the spring.

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3. Michael Vick

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The experiment is over. The transition starts now. Vick has shown fans flashes of skill and maddening displays of poor performance. He is a mix of freakish athleticism and the inability to rise up to pressure. Opposing teams are starting to stack the box and challenge him to pass. It is clear after the last game that he is not up to the challenge of beating a team with his arm, and he does not have the weapons in the receiving corps to make it work. Vick's time has passed, and it's time to move on. Get Nick Foles or Matt Barkley on the field, or this offensive line's failures will do it for the Eagles as Vick will continue to take hits throughout the season.

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2. Patrick Chung

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Chung came to the team from the worst-rated secondary in the league. What could we expect? It was more of a pity signing by his former college coach. He was supposed to be more physical but in the last game, he showed flashes of being inspired by Nate Allen. He took poor angles and could not tackle anyone. Chung has lost his step. Let Colt Anderson or Kurt Coleman jump in. Actually, at this point, sit Chung and Allen both. Would there really be a huge step down in performance? This safety tandem is horrible.

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1. Riley Cooper

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Cooper's time with the team should have ended in training camp. He is no better than a fourth receiver on any other team in this league. He has no hands or speed, as he has shown more than once. He can't get off the ground to win a fade route for a touchdown. Cooper is left over from Reid's era and he brings nothing to the table. The team should put Damaris Johnson on the field or even move in someone from the practice squad. Cooper should be on the streets.