Are Philadelphia Eagles' Tight Ends Being Utilized Correctly?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

During the offseason, a lot of talk about Chip Kelly‘s offense focused on the tight end. He liked to have three or four good ones to create size and speed mismatches for defenses. The Philadelphia Eagles went out and got a few good ones. One in free agency in James Casey. The other high in the draft’s second round in Zach Ertz.

So far, both have been relatively quiet. It is expected for a rookie to maybe not splash onto the scene right away, but Ertz has had his moments. Casey, however, has been the forgotten man. Kelly lauded Casey’s abilities as a versatile weapon at tight end capable of catching, blocking and running crisp routes.

He has barely sniffed the field on offense, though. None of the tight ends save for Brent Celek‘s performance in Week 1 have made much of a major impact. Is this just the gameplan against specific teams? You have to wonder if the tight ends will ever get involved as much as fans all thought they would.

The Eagles certainly have the depth and skill at the position to create problems for defenses. It is time for Kelly and his offensive staff to come up with a gameplan to get all three of these talented pass catchers involved in the offense. Otherwise, it is a waste of their talents. Ironically, Celek looked like the odd man out in the offseason. He was older, and they had just brought in a high-priority free agent and a high-second-round draft pick at the position.

So far, Celek has by far seen the most playing time. This could be a credit to his work habits. It may also signal that either Casey or Ertz aren’t totally grasping the play book. Regardless of the circumstances, the tight ends need to be more involved. It looked like  a strength of the football team from day one, and right now that strength is being wasted.

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