New Orleans Saints’ Mark Ingram Missing Week 3 Would be Addition by Subtraction

By Alejandro Aviles


Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Mark Ingram

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram will most likely not play in Week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals due to a toe injury. Having their number one running back go down with an injury would usually be bad news for any football team. However, Ingram missing Week 3 would not be that bad for the Saints.

Ingram has been pretty terrible this season as he has only rushed for 31 yards on 17 carries. In other words, Ingram has only managed 1.82 yards per carry, less than two yards every time he carries the ball. For a starting running back that it just unacceptable and the Saints will definitely not miss him in Week 3 if he does not play.

Pierre Thomas will be the primary ball carrier for the Saints against the Cardinals and it could be a big opportunity for him. The Cardinals’ defense against the run is ranked second in the league as they only give up 58 rushing yards per game. However, if Thomas can have a breakout performance he could easily take over as the team’s No. 1 running back.

For Ingram, he is dealing with yet another injury and his future with the Saints beyond this season is in question. The former Heisman-Trophy has not been able to have much success in the NFL and perhaps a change of scenery would do him some good. In Week 3 Ingram could lose his starting job to Thomas, but he will likely still be a part of the running back rotation.

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