New York Giants: Week 3 A Must-Win Game

By Jay Cullen
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

To some, the idea that a Week 3 game could be a must win is preposterous, and maybe it is. But if many fans heard Eli Manning would have seven interceptions after two games, they likely would not even believe it either.

The New York Giants‘ struggles started with David Wilson. After two painful fumbles in the opening game, he was benched and the run game was lost, never to be seen again. The Giants rank last in rushing yards this season in many ways because the coaches don’t trust Wilson, and no one else on the roster should be playing important snaps for an NFL team. Look, Da’Rel Scott is probably a great guy, but he isn’t an NFL running back.

On top of that, the Giants have had their star quarterback hand other teams the ball. Manning has racked up yards, but also paid the price as his deep throws have been picked off consistently. Manning is not on the same page as some of his receivers, especially the young player Rueben Randle, who was the target for four of Manning’s seven picks.

That being said, the Giants have done some good things. They are doing extremely well on a yards per play basis. It has not been great defensively, but it has been better than last year. It is hard to know how badly the defense has been as the offense keeps giving opposing teams short fields.

Many worried the defense would crumble with Jason Pierre-Paul’s slow return and Stevie Brown’s injury. The defense hasn’t been perfect, but many would consider it better than expected.

All that being said, 0-3 would be disastrous for the Giants. It would essentially eliminate them from the running for a Wild Card spot, and make winning the division incredibly hard. Furthermore, it is simply a game they should win. The Giants have a very hard schedule, so to lose games to weak teams like the Carolina Panthers could really hurt them in their playoff quest.

Only 11 percent of teams make it to the playoffs when starting 0-2, so it is already an uphill battle. Less than five percent of teams make the playoffs when starting 0-3. The Giants are a talented team, but making the playoffs is extremely unlikely if they lose this game. And isn’t that definition of a must-win game?

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