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5 Most Disappointing Philadelphia Eagles So Far in 2013

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5 Most Disappointing Philadelphia Eagles So Far in 2013

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The Philadelphia Eagles have not exactly gotten off to the start that Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia faithful were hoping for when he was hired to become the new head coach. The Eagles have shown glimmers of greatness, with many individually prodigious performances that have stood out in specific games. Right out of the gate, both the offense and defense looked as though this could be a very promising season. However, over time, each have faltered, creating a sense of uncertainty around the team and its future.

Each of the high profile stars have come to play, carrying the team at times, and making plays when they’ve been critically necessary. LeSean McCoy has racked up two games with more than 150 yards rushing, and currently leads the NFL. DeSean Jackson has two games with over 100 yards receiving and currently leads in that category. Finally, Michael Vick, until this past week, had avoided turnovers, made plays both with his arm and legs, and had the third highest quarterback rating. He had run the coveted Kelly offense, like he was made to do so. More recently though, mistakes have been made and the offense has looked mediocre, not producing when needed, and letting games slip away.

On the defensive side of the ball, few have stepped up to shoulder the load, but at times they’ve looked like — collectively — they may be able to support the offense. Too often though, when the time comes to get that one big stop, they fail to meet the challenge leaving the Eagles with little way to get back into a game.

Much of the problem the Eagles are actually having, is that too much of the burden is being put on the stars to handle. They produce a majority of the offense week in and week out, but the supportive cast has yet to provide the necessary help to make Philadelphia consistent. It becomes much too easy for opponents to take options away when other players don’t contribute. Taking a look ahead, if Kelly and the Eagles plan to turn things around and improve the overall outlook of the season, there are players who need to step up and begin contributing, when the time arises.

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No. 5 - Patrick Chung

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One of the pieces brought in by the Eagles in free agency, Patrick Chung looked the part in preseason but has taken a step back since.

Another of the players who could have a large effect on the turnaround of the Philadelphia defense, Chung has not produced at a necessary level for consistent success. His play thus far has provided an answer as to why he found himself as only a part of special teams, ending his time with the New England Patriots. At this point, his signing does not seem to add anything to a defense that was trying to improve over a year ago. If they are to take a step in the right direction, they need to get more out of the safety position before it’s all said and done, and Chung’s experience puts him at the forefront.

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No. 4 - Cary Williams

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The Eagles were bad on defense in 2012. They went into free agency and brought in Superbowl Champion Cary Williams, to be the No. 1 cover man and play-maker on defense. With the exception of his one interception against the Washington Redskins, many would wonder if Williams has even been on the field.

His visibility in effecting the other team’s offense has been absent and he really hasn’t brought the swagger that many hoped he would to a young defense. Since arriving in Philadelphia, there have been many questions about him being the right guy for the job, and they will continue to pile up until Williams produces on a level more in line with his credentials.

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No. 3 - Nate Allen

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Being given plenty of opportunity would be an understatement concerning Nate Allen. Since arriving in Philadelphia, four years ago, Allen has been slated as the starting strong safety each year. He has yet to live up to the billing necessary of such fortune. Although he has started, his production at the position has been less than mediocre.

If there were another ready option, Allen would find himself on the sideline fighting to find time on the field. He consistently makes mistakes on his reads, giving up big plays and allowing opposing offenses to pick the Eagles' defense apart. In addition, he severely lacks in the area of tackling where his position would warrant him to be strong. Time is wearing thin in Philadelphia on Allen and if his production does not improve soon, he’ll most surely find himself replaced by the end of the season, for good.

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No. 2 - Riley Cooper

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The Eagles were left with few options at the wide receiver position when Jeremy Maclin went down for the season. It has shown that they really don’t have a second option at the position that can consistently produce what is necessary for success in the NFL.

Riley Cooper, who more or less fell into the role of No. 2 receiver, has yet to show signs of warranting any type of attention. Defenses don’t need to show respect, because he’s been nonexistent. Cooper’s production needs to improve and he needs to provide the Eagles another option on the outside to give Kelly and the Eagles a chance to get Jackson the ball more often. His 6 catches for 68 yards, through three games, hardly warrants defenses making an adjustment and shifting an extra man off Jackson’s side.

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No. 1 - Bryce Brown

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It was known since day one that Shady McCoy is the man in Philadelphia. However, with the strong emphasis on the running game in Kelly’s offense, many expected that Bryce Brown would be a significant contributor to the offense. He has been anything but that through three games.

Brown has seen little time on the field, with the exception being during McCoy’s injury. He has carried the ball just 15 times for 45 yards, lacking the explosive power and game-changing carries that Philadelphia had counted on, going into the season and also as seen at the end of last year. Many would look at McCoy’s output up to this point and imagine that he could have a large effect on Brown. However, Brown has done little with his opportunities to contribute anything to an offense that could use another option. In the long season, the Eagles will need him to step up and give Shady a spell in the backfield, with something worth watching.