Cleveland Browns Refuse To Quit, Get First Win Of 2013

By Dick Primo
Brace Hemmelgarn – USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns were supposed to have quit. Just ask every expert in all of those ridiculous pregame shows. The team was throwing in the towel. But head coach Rob Chudzinski had other ideas.

I too thought the Browns – Minnesota Vikings game would be a boring blowout. Not because they were trying to lose, but because they didn’t have the personnel to win. My pregame prediction? 27-10, Minnesota. The score at halftime? 24-17, Cleveland. The final? 31-27, Cleveland. And that’s the reality of NFL football. That’s why they say “any given Sunday.”

The Browns did get 10 of those points after special team trick plays — a fake punt and a fake field goal — but so what? This team needed to do everything it could to win, and it worked. Thank goodness.

Brian Hoyer came in and looked good as his passes had touch and accuracy even though he did throw three picks. WR Josh Gordon made his 2013 debut and took over the offense. He caught, he ran and he fought his way to over 100 yards before the end of the first half. He made Greg Little look like a bench player (which he was for this game).

But the team still could not run the ball. Maybe that’s because the run blocking is not good and maybe because the running backs are not good, but regardless, the team was relying heavily on the pass and the Vikings D was teeing off on Hoyer. After avoiding being sacked in the first half, the second half saw the QB brought down three times.

Despite the first half offensive fireworks, the team stalled at the half  until it mattered most. On their final drive of the game, when they moved the ball down field, Hoyer found TE Jordan Cameron in the end zone for the go-ahead score.

So what can we take away from this game as Browns fans? Nothing. Well one thing: The coaching staff certainly doesn’t seem to be throwing in the towel. I’m still not sure that the front office isn’t.

What Browns fans get from this win is the oh-fer monkey off their back. This really changes nothing. But if things are going to remain the same, they may as well get a win out of it.

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