Denver Broncos Should Bench Peyton Manning When Possible

By griffinbatten
Peyton Manning
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The position of quarterback on an NFL team is extremely hard to come by. This is no secret. There are only 32 teams in the league, and many fans cannot even name the backup quarterbacks on their favorite team.

So when a team has a starting quarterback that not very long ago had multiple surgeries, in the same year, on the same body part, and that body part is the neck, it is obviously going to be a huge concern that he be as safe as possible when on the gridiron.

So what should the Denver Broncos do to keep Peyton Manning safe? The answer to that question is simple. The Broncos should bench him. Now I know what you are thinking, but take a breath. Put down the computer and try to relax.

The best thing for the future of Manning’s career with the Broncos is to keep him as physically healthy as possible. So when Denver has a big lead in the second half of a game, the Broncos should tell Manning to have a seat and put Brock Osweiler into the game.

Osweiler is a second year player out of Arizona State and will need all the experience he can get if the Broncos want to be relevant when Manning finally says good-bye to playing professional football. The best way to do that is to get him as much regular season playing time as the team can while still ensuring a playoff berth for themselves. Let Osweiler throw the ball, complete passes, score touchdowns, throw interceptions, miss receivers, read defenses wrong, but learn from those mistakes and get better. Practice makes perfect, and what better practice than a game?

Remember, all that the Broncos have to do to make the playoffs is to win their division. They don’t need to win 13 games and get the number one seed like last year. The AFC West is a division that is considered by many to be the worst in football. It should not be too hard for Manning and company to beat the San Diego Chargers, who have the next best team in the division. The Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs should be a walk in the park.

Denver should pull Manning out of the game when they have a comfortable lead and put Osweiler in to give him some much needed experience. It’s the only way that the Broncos can hope to have a fighting chance at the playoffs once Manning leaves. John Elway drafted Osweiler because he thinks that he can be the quarterback of the future for Denver, so they should start preparing him now.

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