Denver Broncos: What Was Von Miller Thinking?

By Carter Roane
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The story was broken today that Von Miller, who is suspended for violating the NFL‘s substance abuse policy, tried to switch his urine sample with another person’s. The Denver Broncos‘ linebacker had the help of a collector and got pretty close to getting away with the deed, until a second collector noticed some discrepancies. I just have one question for Miller, what on Earth were you thinking?

This certainly answers why his suspension jumped from four games to six games without much explanation. It’s time for players like Miller to own up when they make a mistake. It just makes them look that much worse in the eyes of fans when they try to hide things and be deceitful. It appears as though Miller might have used some of his influence and made the collector star-struck, and, therefore, totally clueless in terms of using proper judgement.  It is good to see that another collector stepped up and did the right thing and put a stop to this plan. Miller, Ryan Braun, many professional athletes seem to think that they are above the law and above the rules and can just do whatever they please without getting caught. Grow up and realize that you are supposed to be setting an example; when you do things like this, you are hurting your career and letting all your fans down. Miller’s judgement appears to be getting worse and worse, to the point where you wonder how much of a career he will have left.

It’s starting to be a different world now. We, as a society, are becoming much more aware of policies regarding substance abuse, particularly when it comes to athletes. Professional sports are not putting up with abusers, and are really cracking down on culprits who still use and abuse. It is good to see that the NFL was not going to let Miller get away with this behavior and made his punishment that much longer. I wonder what the collector must be feeling right now. Allegedly, he lost his job, and I am sure he didn’t get his bribe. He must be feeling, and excuse the pun, pissed.

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