It Would Appear the Indianapolis Colts Have a Legitimate Running Game

By Mathew Muncy
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Take one look at the box score for the Indianapolis Colts victory over the San Francisco 49ers and you will easily have to do a double take at Andrew Luck’s stat line. That’s right folks, the Colts officially have a running game, at least for one game.

Everyone listened to Old Man Irsay blabber on about the Colts making a “MONSTROUS” trade on Wednesday, but it was the same garbage fans heard before when the Colts traded for Vontae Davis and before signing Darrius Heyward-Bey. Except, this time, the announcement lived up to the hype as the Colts had traded for Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson.

But with all eyes on Richardson on Sunday, it was actually the Colts current starting running back, Ahmad Bradshaw, who made everyone remember he was playing. Bradshaw finished the game with 19 carries for 95 yards and a touchdown, while Richardson had 13 carries for 35 yards and a touchdown.

Luck’s stat line: 18-of-27 for 164 yards, zero touchdowns and zero interceptions. But that was just his passing stats. On the rushing side, he finished with four carries for 24 yards and the Colts third rushing touchdown of the game.

It was an abnormal game for the 49ers defense, which limited the Seattle Seahawks to only 207 yards of total yards last week, but against the Colts, they gave up 336 total yards, had no takeaways, and were able to sack Luck only once.

The sack on Luck might even be bigger than the Colts rushing stats. Luck was sacked 41 times last season, which is not a great stat to see on your franchise player’s line. The Colts set out to fortify the offensive line this offseason, but so far it has not worked out, seeing as they allowed seven sacks in the first two games.

Maybe the duo of Bradshaw and Richardson is exactly what the Colts need to alleviate their offensive line woes, keep Luck healthy and off the ground and finally balance out their offense. Either way, the Colts rushing game has grown significantly this season and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

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