Josh Freeman Must Be Benched After Another Bad Loss

By Ben Sullivan

It’s time for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to cut their losses with quarterback Josh Freeman. After three sub-par performances, especially in today’s loss to the New England Patriots, Freeman has kept the team from taking advantage of winnable opportunities.

The defense gave them a chance to win in all three games. They only gave up a combined 34 points in losses to the New Orleans Saints and New York Jets in the first two weeks. Then, in this week’s game in Foxboro, Freeman was unable to capitalize on several golden opportunities to get an early lead against the beleaguered Patriots.

Instead of taking advantage of those opportunities and running out to a big lead against New England, Freeman squandered them, letting the Patriots gain confidence and eventually build a lead themselves.

The good quarterbacks in the NFL win games for their team that they don’t deserve to win. The average quarterbacks win the games they should and lose the games they should. The bad quarterbacks lose games they should have won — just like Freeman did against the Patriots. And, if you have one of those bad quarterbacks, you need to make a change before your entire season goes down in flames.

The good news for Tampa Bay fans is that the Buccaneers have someone waiting in the wings. Knowing Freeman wasn’t living up to his potential, they used a third-round pick in this past year’s draft to grab Mike Glennon. A strong-armed, tall pocket passer from North Carolina State, Glennon has just as good a chance to win games at this point as Freeman does, especially considering Freeman can’t seem to find a way to win a game for Tampa Bay.

There comes a point when you need to cut bait on a quarterback. Freeman showed potential, and still might be serviceable for another team if he gets the trade he wants, but his time in Tampa Bay is quickly coming to an end. The Buccaneers should move on now, while they still have a chance to see what kind of future they might have in Glennon.

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