Justin Houston a Big Reason Why Kansas City Chiefs Undefeated

By Michael Terrill
Justin Houston a Big Reason Why Kansas City Chiefs Undefeated
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have certainly been a pleasant surprise in 2013. There is no question the stifling defense has been a huge reason why the team is currently undefeated. More importantly, linebacker Justin Houston has been playing out of his mind and has been by far the biggest contributor on defense.

Obviously, the entire team wanted to step up and defeat the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night because of head coach Andy Reid. It was a tremendous performance that certainly showed the rest of the league that the Chiefs are for real.

“I thought they played dominant football, at times,” Reid said, according to KCCheifs.com. “If you’re going to play that offense, you’re going to have a couple of big plays: that’s going to happen. They have way too much talent on that offense and they have a great scheme. I guess what I was (most proud) about with the defense was, so they (Eagles) made a big play, they said ‘alright they got one, but we’re coming back at you; we’re going to give you our best shot this play and see how that works’. With that attitude, we were able to keep them out of the end zone. That attitude, for the most part, that attitude contributes to that.”

Kansas City’s defense has allowed an incredible 11.3 points per game in three contests this season. Considering two of the three teams they faced were the Dallas Cowboys and the Eagles means they are definitely no joke.

Where exactly does Houston fit into this unstoppable defense? The 24-year-old has posted a whopping seven and a half sacks, one forced fumble, two fumble recoveries and 17 total tackles in three games. Obviously, there is not many defensive players that have put forth a better effort in the NFL, which is why the Chiefs do not need to look much further than Houston to understand why they continue to win.

It is certainly exciting to see Kansas City perform at a high level. Hopefully, they can continue their domination when they face the New York Giants on Sunday.

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