Minnesota Vikings Make The Cleveland Browns Look Good

By ericbeuning
Bruce Kluckhohn USA TODAY Sports

Trading Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts will probably be looked at as being the equivalent of when the Dallas Cowboys traded Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings for this generation.  Ever since the trade went through I think you, me and the coconut tree have all wondered just what in the heck the Cleveland Browns and General Manager Michael Lombardi were thinking when they gave up after the No. 3 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft for picks and high hopes for the future.

The question flying around is whether or not this means the Cleveland Browns are punting away the 2013 season, or do they still think they are truly a competitive team?  The Week 3 game where the Browns visited the Vikings was their first game out of the gate in the Post-Trent-Richardson era.  Earlier this week a lot of analysts across the league were calling the Browns the “Most hopeless team in the league.”

With Brian Hoyer taking over at quarterback for the injured Brandon Weeden and the signing of ancient Willis McGahee to fill in for Richardson, we got a first look at what the Browns’ devoted fans can expect going forward this year.

I was generally surprised to watch the Browns use the passing game to carve up Vikings defense.  Maybe the Rob Chudzinski knows more than we gave him credit for.  Without an effective run game the Browns turned firmly and confidently towards the pass starring Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron.

The Vikings’ defense looked hapless, sloppy and undisciplined.  With the Browns lacking an effective run game the Vikings’ defense should have had enough gas in the tank to stuff the final drive.  Instead they let the Browns bleed them through the air adding yet one more layer to the cake of their embarrassing season.

There’s no two ways about it; the Vikings just made the most hopeless team in the league look good while sinking their hopes of a playoff berth by letting themselves get beat 31-27.

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