New York Jets Should Fire Rex Ryan Despite Sloppy Win

By Ben Sullivan
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets found yet another way to win a game they should have lost this year. The team is imploding; they had more penalties than they did passing completions this week. That kind of play should have got them a loss. It would have against a good team. Luckily for them they got rookie E.J. Manuel and the Buffalo Bills this week.

Sloppy plays and penalties are the hallmarks of poorly coached teams. Rex Ryan has always been an overrated coach, but his particular brand of mismanagement this season has been epic. He made the blunder of the year when he put Mark Sanchez in the second half of a meaningless preseason game, just to see him hurt his shoulder and ruin any chance he had at saving Ryan’s job.

Now, Ryan is at the helm of one of the most discombobulated teams in recent memory. The penalties this week were especially staggering. The Jets were flagged 20 times for a total of 168 yards, including a couple of particularly egregious personal foul penalties that allowed the Buffalo Bills to get back in the game in the second half. All very ironic considering the only reason the Jets got their other win was because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers handed them a victory on a penalty late in the game in Week 1.

You would have thought the Jets were this bad because they don’t have a good quarterback, or running back or receivers. But, instead those players have all played better than expected and given New York the chance to win games.

No, all the blame for how the Jets played this week lies squarely with Ryan. He coaches through a combination of bravado and misplaced motivation, something that only works on a team loaded with veteran leadership in the locker room. That’s what Ryan had when he took the Jets to two straight AFC championship games. Now he has a young team, and he’s showing the world that he’s lost the locker room.

You rarely see head coaches get fired during the season in the NFL. It’s usually better just to let the current guy stay on as a lame-duck coach and wait until the offseason to make a change. That’s usually because a coach can’t lose control of his team as quickly and completely as Ryan has.

If the Jets want to salvage anything for this season, they need to shed themselves of the weight around their necks — Rex Ryan.

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