Rex Ryan Showing He is Still Solid Defensive Mind for New York Jets

By Nick Mamary
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Having power taken away would reduce confidence in a lot of individuals. When someone is used to being the center of attention and suddenly loses much cache, logic suggests that they would blend into the background.

Apparently New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan does not follow such trends. The enigmatic character definitely has seemed toned down after recent failures. Gone are the days where Super Bowl promises dominate headlines. Now a much lower-key Ryan takes the podium. One aspect that has not changed, however, is confidence in his abilities.

I’m sure most will remember several months ago when he proclaimed that he continues to be a solid coach. While plenty of eyebrows were raised, Buddy Ryan’s son had a great point. From a defensive perspective, Rex continues to thrive. His Jets may not have the dominant units they placed on the field his first few seasons, or do they?

Entering this past offseason name recognition was missing. Seven starters left due to aging concerns and salary cap issues. Through two games Gang Green has surrendered 15 points per game. In today’s offensively driven NFL that is a truly impressive number. His front seven has found an ability to generate pass rush. Thinking back through team history will show that this has been an issue for around a decade. Although Ryan’s ability to manage all aspects of running a franchise has been questioned, there needs to be smart people around the coach to help. Leaving him to his specialty is a smart idea. This man still shows the passion by pumping his fist after every big play. He can still provide a lift to this Jets team.

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