Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Who's To Blame For Team's 0-3 Start?

By Karim Akbar

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have remained in the headlines the past three weeks but not for the reasons you want to see. The locker room is divided under head coach Greg Schiano. Meanwhile starting quarterback Josh Freeman lost his captain rank at the start of the season and has not displayed the talent you want to see from your franchise quarterback. Schiano may be in over his head.

With a 23-3 beatdown by the New England Patriots Sunday, the Buccaneers are still winless at 0-3 and share the title of worst NFL team with the Jacksonville Jaguars, also winless through Week 3. That title may pale in comparison to the others Tampa could have if things don’t turn around. Everyone’s looking for answers, and Schiano is the only one that can provide them.

This team needs a change at quarterback. And trust me I’m a huge Freeman fan, but Josh has been wildly inconsistent. Meanwhile backup Mike Glennon has been staring over Freeman’s shoulder since mini-camp, and it’s clear Glennon is Schiano’s pet project going forward. That argument has credit to it as Freeman has struggled to move the chains in back-to-back losses.

Greg Schiano may not be on the hot seat with that change even though he should or would be in any other city. General Manager Mark Dominik and the Glazers are smitten with Schiano and believe he’s put together a team that lives by the values they want to embody. So it’s a subtle nod of agreement and understanding that Schiano isn’t going anywhere.

If things feel turbulent in Tampa right now you’re most likely right. It’s frustration from a young team with a lack of wins but also the coaching style of Schiano. I’m a big Schiano fan. Like Bill Belichick I praised Schiano and his commitment to building a winner in his first year. The Buccaneers did some good things that year, but this team is stalling. And if the reports are true, this team may win in spite of and not for Schiano.

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