Adam 'Pacman' Jones Cited Again, Discipline Unlikely To Be Handed Down Anytime Soon

By Andrew Fisher
Pacman Jones
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In completely unshocking news from the NFL, Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones has been cited, again. This time, it’s for disorderly conduct following an early morning traffic stop. Luckily, Jones wasn’t behind the wheel in this incident, but he apparently wasn’t on his best behavior as the passenger in the car. Initial reports indicated that Jones had been arrested again, but that turned out not to be the case. However, he did refuse a field sobriety test, which could have possibly led to him being cited for disorderly conduct. No other details are known at this point.

So it’s really a good and bad news situation for Jones and the Cincinnati Bengals. The good news is that he wasn’t arrested. The bad news is that he’s yet again in trouble with the law. Yes, he’s only facing a misdemeanor charge, but we’re not talking about a first-time offender.

Here’s the statement that the Bengals released:

“We are aware of the incident. However, as in most instances of this nature, it would be inappropriate for the team to comment on the matter until it has been resolved through normal legal channels.”

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Jones of course has a checkered past, but it appeared he had turned over a new leaf in the last couple of years. However, legal action is still pending against him from an incident in June where he allegedly struck a woman at a nightclub. So as much as it seems like Jones has grown up, I’m not completely buying it. Due to the league’s current policy on legal matters, Jones won’t be disciplined until a court ruling is made. You’d have to think if he is convicted of either one of the charges pending against him, that he will again be suspended from the league. Good riddance.


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