Can the New York Giants Reach the Playoffs?

By Michael Netter
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

As history suggests, the New York Giants have small odds to make the playoffs in 2013. Only three NFL teams have started 0-3 and gone on to make the playoffs. In order for Big Blue to have any shot at the playoffs, they must strive to win the division.  Is it possible that a record of 9-7 can take home the NFC East this season? Probably not, but with a poor start from the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles, anything is possible. Oh, and we all know Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been known to choke when all eyes are on him.

In the next five weeks, the Giants play the Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and the Eagles twice. When the Giants’ bye week comes in Week 9, what is a realistic record they may have? I believe that their absolute best scenario going into their off week will be having an overall .500 record, which means winning four of their next five.  This still seems unlikely based on their abysmal start, so let’s look at an overall record of 3-5 come Week 9.  This seems reasonable as they should beat Minnesota at home, take at least one out of two against Philadelphia, and could definitely come out and steal a win in either Kansas City or Chicago. Obviously, nothing is for certain with the 2013 New York Giants, though.

If Big Blue can do this, they’ll have to win six or seven out of their eight games remaining on their 2013 regular season schedule after the bye week. five of the eight games after their bye week are in East Rutherford so it’s possible to win four out of five due to home-field advantage, but definitely not a given. Big Blue’s remaining three games that aren’t accounted for are against the Redskins, San Diego Chargers, and Detroit Lions, all away from MetLife Stadium.  Winning two out of three here would give the Giants an overall record of 9-7.  Of course, this is being completely optimistic. Still, can 9-7 get Eli Manning and the New York Giants into the playoffs?

9-7 has been good enough to make the playoffs plenty of times in NFL history. This ‘decent’ record only holds up if the rest of a conference does poorly. With this being said, games versus potential Wild Card teams such as the Green Bay Packers, Bears and Lions become even more important. These games are almost as essential to win as divisional games because these teams are fighting for the same playoff spot.

If the AFC continues to beat up on the NFC, who knows what the outcome will be. The Giants made the playoffs in 2006 with an 8-8 record, but that seems almost impossible with the great teams we have in the NFC. The Giants will need the NFC North to beat up on each other, along with their own division, the NFC East.

From what Coach Tom Coughlin‘s squad has shown in the first three games, no NFL fan should believe Big Blue has a shot at the playoffs. Is it technically possible since the season is still early? Yes. Is it likely? No.

The New York Giants head to Arrowhead Stadium to play the Chiefs on Sunday. If New York can win, the season has the chance to make a slight turn.

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