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New York Giants Fail To Make Offensive Adjustments In Game

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Bob Donnan — USA Today Sports

I think many people, including fans of the New York Giants, can agree that it is now time to sound the alarm if you’re a player on the team. I was ready to sound the alarm if the Giants had lost a close one to the Carolina Panthers. Instead, a 38-0 loss has me sounding the alarm over and over again. Simply put, the Giants are in trouble, but it’s important to spot why the Giants were handled very easily.

Coming into the game, the Giants knew the Panthers’ front seven was very good, so the run game might struggle yet again. The Giants didn’t know, however, that their offensive line was going to stink up the joint. Every time Eli Manning dropped back to pass, the front four of the Panthers collapsed the pocket in a hurry.

Manning was sacked six times in the first half, and seven times overall. It’s safe to say the Giants should be alarmed at the play of the offensive line. However, the inability of the coaching staff to make in-game adjustments cost the Giants any shot at winning this game.

Early in the game, the Giants were looking to make plays down the field with the passing game. However, Manning wasn’t getting enough time in the pocket. At that point, when Manning was already sacked four times, the offensive philosophy should’ve changed. The Giants should’ve made more quick slants and short throws to get Manning into a rhythm.

Instead, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride continued to call passing plays down the field, and Manning kept getting sacked. The Giants blew opportunities for points early in the game, when a touchdown run by David Wilson was nullified by a holding penalty on Will Beatty. A missed field goal later on that drive probably deflated the team, and the Giants were never in scoring position again.

If the Giants thought they were facing a tough defense, they will face an even better defense next week when they have to go up against the Kansas City Chiefs. If the Giants fail to make the proper in-game adjustments next week, they’ll definitely be 0-4.

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