Philadelphia Eagles Should Take Advantage of Weak NFC East

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles sit at 1-2 and surprisingly in second place in the NFC East. Maybe it should be re-named the “NFC Least”. Two teams in the division are now 0-3 and despite losing two of their first three games the Eagles sit only a game back of first place.

The NFC East is shaping up to be the worst division in the conference. The New York Giants lost in a monster way 38-0 to an average Carolina Panthers team, and the Washington Redskins continued to struggle losing to the Detroit Lions at home.

The Giants in particular look like a train wreck, especially on defense. The offensive line also had Eli Manning running for his life as they gave up eight sacks on the day. There were just horrible numbers from both sides of the ball for the Giants.

As an Eagle fan you have to be wondering if an average football team can win this division. Is it possible eight or nine wins could crown a champion? It is certainly possible. Of the four teams in the division the Dallas Cowboys seem to have it clicking the most on all cylinders. However, it is the Cowboys. They always seem to start off well only to fall off the map near the end of the season.

There is no doubt about it this division is primed for the taking. The Eagles also might be armed with the best talent and offensive scheme to run away with the division. LeSean McCoy is playing like a man on a mission right now with the way he is running. Is he the best running back in the league? I certainly think he’s in the conversation.

People talk about this being a “re-building” year for the Eagles. That is certainly possible, but if The Eagles stay healthy on offense and the defense continues to gel, in the state this division is in now they could sneak into the playoffs. After that, as we have seen over the years, it is anybody’s ball game.

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