Pierre Garcon Should Stop Commenting On Robert Griffin III

By Andrew Fisher
Pierre Garcon
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Even a blind man can see that Robert Griffin III isn’t quite right on the field only eight months out from reconstructive knee surgery. As great as the young quarterback is, he’s just a little off so far in 2013. One person who’s really taken note of that and not been afraid to share his opinions, is none other than Pierre Garcon. The Washington Redskins wide receiver recently said that RG3 isn’t himself because of his knee brace, and now, he’s at it again with more comments on his QB.

Here’s what Garcon had to say following the Redskins’ week three loss to the Detroit Lions:

“He’s not fully healthy, obviously. He’s running a little bit more, but last year’s RG III was a lot different from this year’s because of the knee. It’s not surprising. It’s been talked about the whole offseason. It’s the same question every day. We can find something else to talk about.”

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Sure, his comments aren’t really that shocking or controversial because he’s speaking the truth, but I feel he’d be better served to just not comment at all. He’s right, ‘they’ should find something else to talk about. So at the same time, he should have just declined to comment on the matter. We know where Garcon stands, he made that clear with his earlier comments. It’s time that he moves on and stays silent on his QB’s knee from this point forward.


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