Seattle Seahawks: Only Injuries and Mistakes Can Stop This Team

By Todd Pheifer
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are just plain good. You can see it. Based on what we have witnessed so far, only mistakes and injuries will prevent this team from making the playoffs and putting together a run at the Super Bowl.

Pretty obvious, right? This sounds like a comment that a color commentator would say during a game.

Granted, the Seahawks weren’t exactly facing a fearsome foe in Week 3, as they easily dispatched the Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 45-17. The 17 points scored by the Jags is actually a bit deceiving. By halftime, this was essentially a preseason game and Seattle was quickly emptying the bench.

In the next couple of weeks, things get a lot tougher as the ‘Hawks must go on the road to face the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts. This is where it starts to get interesting, not that it hasn’t been compelling thus far.

The point here is that Seattle has all the pieces to succeed. They are 3-0, and the team keeps adding more pieces. Yes, it is tough to lose Russell Okung, but Chris Clemons is back, Bruce Irvin will be back in a couple of weeks and there is still hope that Percy Harvin could make his debut in a Seahawks uniform.

The Seahawks haven’t played flawless football but they have looked extremely dangerous at times this season. Russell Wilson did throw four touchdowns against the Jaguars.

Looking forward and gauging how the other powers of the NFC have done, it will take a number of key injuries and fairly consistent mistakes to doom this football team. Seattle is too talented and too deep not to set their sights very high.

Obviously the games still need to be played. Momentum can shift in the NFL. Bad habits can emerge. However, right now, things are looking very bright in Seattle.

At the moment, you could make a pretty good argument that the Seahawks are the team to beat in the NFC.

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