Week 3 Post-Game Overreaction: Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers

By M. Quann Boyd
Earl Bennett
Jason Bridge – USA Today Sports

Watching the Chicago Bears at the Pittsburgh Steelers was a tale of two halves. In the first half, the Bears looked good both offensively and defensively. For the offense’s part, they took the ball for seven minutes on their first drive resulting in a field goal. On defense, the Bears dialed up the blitz and as usual forced an early turnover. Now in the second half, or a good deal of it, the Bears looked pathetic and almost gave up the game before ultimately holding on.

By no means did the Bears play a complete game. The offensive line saw its first true test against the 3-4 blitz heavy Steelers and ended the game giving up two sacks. Matt Forte yet again failed to break the 100-yard mark rushing, although he did have several game changing runs that put the Bears in scoring position. For Jay Cutler‘s part, he played a mistake free game, and when the momentum started to favor the Steelers it was Cutler who was the spark plug for the offense both with his arm and legs.

On the defensive side of the all, the defense frustrated Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense to the tune of five turnovers. Also the blitzing of the Bears linebackers and defensive backs, as mentioned earlier, wrecked havoc on the Steelers’ pass protection, although Big Ben (with all his play making ability) torched the Bears for 406 yards passing which was a by-product of the Bears having to rely on the blitz in order to get pressure.

All in all, three games, three wins, on the season, and the Bears have yet to play a complete game. That may sound like glass half empty, but that’s hardly the case. If the Bears, heading into their Week 4 match-up with division rival Detroit Lions, can play near flawless in all three phases of the game then the Bears could easily go 4-0 after next Sunday’s match-up.

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