Chip Kelly Faces Stiffest Test As Philadelphia Eagles' Head Coach

By Ryan Wenzell
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly will face his toughest test yet as Philadelphia Eagles‘ head coach: going up against all time great quarterback Peyton Manning and the juggernaut offense that is the Denver Broncos. They are running like a well oiled machine right now, and it really does look like there is no stopping that offense, especially in Denver.

It may be Kelly’s job then, one that seems suited for the offensive guru, to try to outscore the Broncos. The Eagles are going to need to put up points on Sunday, there’s no doubt about it. While the Broncos offense has been nothing short of fantastic this season, the defense is a middle of the pack unit. They are 19th in total defense this year, which is hardly a great standing.

Kelly has to hope his offense will show up on the day, and big, or else this game could get ugly quick in the thin air of Denver. The Eagles can focus on a few weak points that come in the secondary. While Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has had a solid start to the season, he is still prone to the big play, as seen last night, and can be exposed on occasion. If Champ Bailey‘s injury still lingers, the Eagles can expose their lesser corners in the passing game.

The safety play is also suspect. Rahim Moore is prone to giving up the big play, as we witnessed in last year’s stunning playoff loss. These are weak points the Eagles need to take advantage of.

They also have to make Manning uncomfortable on defense in order to have a prayer in this game. We know the Broncos will score points. The defense will have to play bend and not break football and clamp down in the red zone, forcing field goals to have any chance.

This is a huge test for the Eagles early in the season, as this is where good teams show up and separate themselves. Let’s see what the Eagles are made of. Sunday awaits.

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