Detroit Lions: Nate Burleson Car Crash Provides Ryan Broyles With Big Opportunity

By Andrew Fisher
Ryan Broyles
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It’s tough to watch players go down with injuries on the football field. But it’s always extra tough to swallow when a player gets hurt off the football field. Nate Burleson was unfortunately the victim of an off the field injury during an early morning car crash. The good news is that Burleson didn’t suffer any critical injuries, but he did break his arm during the single-vehicle crash. The injury will require surgery and as a result, the wide receiver is out indefinitely.

In regards to the actual crash itself, alcohol was not a factor and Burleson was not given a traffic citation. So it appears that it was just a freak accident.

The harsh reality for Burleson is that he was coming off his best game in a long time. He hauled in six passes and compiled 116 yards receiving this past Sunday in the Detroit Lions‘ win over the Washington Redskins. Now, the team will turn to second-year WR Ryan Broyles, to try and fill the void.

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Broyles has been dealing with knee injuries for the better part of three years and was just activated last week for the first time in 2013. The young WR has a ton of potential, but after ACL surgery on both knees, no one really knows what to expect from him. The Lions are hoping he can fill in for Burleson and then some. If his knees are finally at full strength, that’s a real possibility.

Detroit is also hoping to have Reggie Bush back this weekend, and they’ll certainly need him going up against the ball-hawking Chicago Bears‘ defense.

**Update** It’s being reported that Burleson’s crash was the result of falling pizza. That’s right, he was distracted by pizza falling off the seat and hit a median wall. Ouch.


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