Detroit Lions Rumors: Team Seeking Trade For Wide Receiver

By Andrew Fisher
Kenny Britt
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With the bad news of Nate Burleson being involved in a car crash and subsequently needing arm surgery, the Detroit Lions now find themselves looking for answers at wide receiver. Burleson’s absence will open the door for second-year WR Ryan Broyles, but he’s far from a reliable option given his history of knee surgeries. So of course, the next logical step would be to look at the free agent market. However, it doesn’t take an experienced GM to see that there’s really no one worth picking up (contrary to what Terrell Owens will tell you).

That leads us to today’s hot rumor, which is that the Lions will pursue a trade for help at receiver.

The Cleveland Browns seem to have opened everybody’s eyes with their recent dealing of Trent Richardson, that legitimate trades can happen in the NFL. They don’t go down often, but they’re still an option. The Browns are reportedly not done wheeling and dealing, as both Greg Little and Josh Gordon are said to be on the block. Not everyone is buying that Gordon is still available following his breakout performance this past Sunday, but if the price was right, you never know.

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The other name that’s being kicked around is none other than the outspoken Kenny Britt. The WR basically tweeted out that he was done with the Tennessee Titans a couple weeks back and he hasn’t done anything on the field since. There’s no doubt Britt is talented, but he’s yet to fully come into his own as football player.

I’m guessing that the Titans would gladly deal Britt to the Lions, and who knows, maybe the change of scenery would do wonders for him? You’d think it wouldn’t take much more than a late-round draft pick to acquire him and if you’re the Lions (2-1), why not roll the dice? Britt has a much higher ceiling than any seventh rounder they’ll pick up in 2014.


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