Jacoby Jones Party Bus Incident Not That Big Of A Deal For Baltimore Ravens

By Dan Abeshouse
Jacoby Jones
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The sports world is buzzing over this party bus scandal involving Baltimore Ravens players Jacoby Jones and Bryant McKinnie. It was a little shocking to hear that Jones was hit in the head with a bottle, but nobody will care about this in a few weeks. Nobody was arrested, but who knows what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will do, if anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning what happened. Nothing good ever seems to come out of professional athletes being out past midnight; it’s a recipe to find yourself on TMZ, and nobody wants that. Are these guys not supposed to live though? It’s not as if Jones said, “Gee you know what would make this night great? Getting hit in the head!” It’s hard to say exactly what could have happened on the bus; perhaps Jones just got caught in some crossfire not meant for him.

Jones is currently out of action with an injury and still has a few more weeks to go to recovery. McKinnie is a different situation, however, as he’s the starting LT for the Ravens and the party was in honor of his 34th birthday. McKinnie is older and wiser, and he should know better by now; McKinnie was involved in the Minnesota Vikings “Love Boat” scandal several years ago. He should be more worried about his game and not committing two 15 yard facemask penalties on the same drive against the Houston Texans.

In the long term, this incident won’t be a dig deal. It’s likely that Jones will be gone after this year, because it just doesn’t make sense to pay a kick returner f$5 million a year. McKinnie is signed through the 2014 season, but clearly isn’t the future of the team. Make your jokes, post your memes on Facebook, and forget about this silliness in a few weeks.

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