O-Line Must Improve For Kansas City Chiefs To Be Legitimate Contenders

By Aaron Charles
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been awhile since expectations have been this high for the Kansas City Chiefs. After being starved from watchable football the past couple of seasons, the appetite for something good is at an all-time high. Arrowhead Stadium is officially back, just ask the Dallas Cowboys. But these fans aren’t paying ridiculous prices for tickets and parking for merely an above average team — they want a Super Bowl contender, and they want it now.

The Chiefs have improved immensely in several aspects of the game, but they can’t expect to keep up their hot start if the offensive line doesn’t perform better. Against teams who aren’t exactly known for their defense, Alex Smith has been under heavy pressure and sacked 10 times through three games; it would be much more than 10 if it wasn’t for Smith’s extremely underrated ability to shake the pass rush.

To their credit, in big wins against the Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles, the line stepped up for long, clock-eating, scoring drives in the fourth quarter to seal victories. Andy Reid commented on the subject via the team website:

“We’re young there and we’re getting better. We have to continue to work there and keep working as a unit and getting to know each other. As the game went on, we progressively got better, which is important. The last two weeks, they’ve been really taking over in the end of the game and done a pretty good job of finishing things up.”

The offense has been bailed out by stellar performances from the Chiefs’ defense in the last two contests, and they can’t expect that from them every week. The offense needs to pull their weight as well.

They have all the tools to perform at a high level if the line could just perform more consistently. Jamaal Charles needs better run blocking, and Smith needs to stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off. If the offensive line can make that happen, then Kansas City will be legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

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