Peyton Manning Continues to Prove He's the Best Regular Season QB of All Time

By Andrew Fisher
Peyton Manning
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I’ll admit, it’s not the best title a quarterback could have, but there’s no doubt that Peyton Manning is the greatest regular season quarterback of all-time. At 37-years of age, he continues to prove it week in and week out. Monday night we saw more of the same, as Manning led the Denver Broncos to a resounding victory over the Oakland Raiders. Sure, we all knew the Broncos would roll, but in true Peyton-fashion, the QB wasn’t satisfied.

In total, Manning tossed for 374 yards and three touchdowns while amassing a QB rating of 135.8. But he had this to say after the game:

“I thought we left a couple of maybe touchdowns out there tonight. Those are things we can fix, which you’re going to need those in a game at certain points of a season. But just got to keep emphasizing protecting the ball and eliminate some penalties I thought early in the game. I think we do a good job of overcoming those penalties from time-to-time, but I still think there is plenty we can improve on. I really do.”

That quote sums up Manning as a professional QB. Nothing is ever good enough and he’s always striving for more. His demeanor rarely changes on the field or sidelines, because he’s all business.

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Every game this season has been an example of why Manning is the greatest regular season QB of all-time. Each and every week the man puts on a clinic and makes it look easy. His play-calling ability at the line of scrimmage is on an entirely different level than anyone else. He commands nearly every contest he plays in and as a result, he’s won 157 regular season games during his career (which is second only to Brett Favre).

But as great as Manning has been throughout his 16 years, he’s come up short in the postseason on many occasions. This is the only thing that prevents him from being labeled as the greatest QB of all-time. However, if he can take the Broncos back to the promise land this year, that could change. He’d be the second oldest QB to ever lead a team to a Super Bowl win and only the one ever to start and win with two different teams.


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