Peyton Manning Needs to Quit Crying Leading Up to Philadelphia Eagles Game

By Matt Shaner
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the hottest teams in the league right now is the Denver Broncos.  The Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly know they are heading into one of the toughest games on their schedule.  Today quoted this from Peyton Manning:

“We’re coming off of a short week — it’s nice of the NFL to give Philly 12 days and give us six,” Manning told the media. “So we’ve got to handle that. We’ve still got some guys injured. So we’ve got to get some new guys playing. We’re trying to kind of weather that storm with our injuries. We’ve got to get ready for an unfamiliar opponent who has got a really good team at home next Sunday.”

Now I enjoy his thousands of commercials and his Saturday Night Live appearances.  I enjoy watching eighteen audibles at the line with every offensive play, but come on Peyton, really? You are at the helm of a Super Bowl contender.  You are undefeated so far in the season.  You really have the nerve to complain about a short week?

I guess Manning forgot to check the Eagles schedule with its own span of three games in 11 days. The article also quoted Kelly’s response, “When do we go play?” Kelly asked rhetorically. “We got to play in a parking lot? We’ll go play in a parking lot. We don’t care.”

I find it hard to believe that Manning will have too many people feeling sorry for him.  Now if Billy Davis and his crew can find a way to stop that high-powered offense, then it will be a different story.  Until then, quit your complaining and go film another commercial.

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