Philadelphia Eagles' Tempo To Slow Down in Denver?

By Bob Francis
Michael Vick
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Since the beginning of the season, the Philadelphia Eagles have been working on continuing to up the tempo each time they take the field. At times it has definitely had a negative effect on their mediocre defense, putting them on the field for extended periods of time. But keeping the pace high and making the opposition’s defense work harder and more quickly has been successful when the Eagles can consistently move the ball.

Upping the tempo against one of the NFL’s top teams would be in their favor because it would help to give them an advantage in one aspect of the game. It would keep the Denver Broncos‘ defense on their heels, limit substitutions between snaps, and possibly provide them with a leg up come the second half with a tired group for LeSean McCoy, Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson to capitalize on.

However, taking into account the altitude in Denver and how that can affect and play with a player’s conditioning, the Eagles may have to rethink speeding the game up and prepare a game plan that will give them time to recover and prepare.

The weapon that the Eagles have developed as their most formidable asset may be the very thing that works against them in such a big game. In attempting to get back even on the season, they may have to find another way to win, keeping the tempo slow to both allow players on offense to recover from snap to snap, and provide the defense with enough time on the sideline to recuperate from previous drives. Being up against Peyton Manning is a challenge in itself, which will already be difficult for the young and inexperienced group, and some extra rest may be helpful in the long run if they are to stand a chance at helping the Eagles to victory.

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