Seattle Seahawks Continue to Look Like Super Bowl Favorites

By Todd Pheifer
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Now, be honest. Have you taken a brief peek at airfare and hotel accommodations for Super Bowl XLVIII? If you are a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, it is hard to contain some of the excitement. So far, the season is looking very good. Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman continue to look like players that are capable of leading this team to the playoffs.

Savvy fans know that it is far too early to even do an Internet search for travel opportunities. Three games do not make for a successful NFL season. There is much work to be done, and momentum can shift quickly in this league. Besides, the fans have been down this road before and it didn’t end well in Detroit.

Still, the ‘Hawks have faced the first three tests with almost flying colors. Think about the mindset of the nervous fan as they looked at the 2013 NFL schedule before the season began.

Test 1: Play the first game on the east coast against a team that is not great but could represent a sneaky opponent and a “trap” game. Passed.

Test 2: Face the division-rival San Francisco 49ers and defend the honor of CenturyLink Field. Passed.

Test 3: Face an inferior squad at home and avoid the tendency to play down the competition. Passed.

Granted, the next two weeks will be a little harder as the ‘Hawks must face very good teams on the road in the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts. The Colts in particular are going to be an interesting challenge after they took care of the Niners on their home turf.

It is hard not to be confident about this Seahawks team. They look awfully good. Maybe a few minutes researching travel options might be acceptable.

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