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5 Ways to Fix the 0-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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5 Ways to Fix the Winless Bucs

Brad Penner - USA Today Sports

To put it nicely, the Tampa Buccaneers are a complete mess right now. They have a total of three offensive touchdowns so far this season and managed only three points in their most recent defeat against the New England Patriots. They are 31st in total offense with 846 yards through three games. They are also 31st overall with only 34 points so far this season.

The quarterback situation is a complete mess. After a stellar second season, Josh Freeman has regressed and 2013 has been an all-time low. So far he is only completing 45.7 percent of his passes while throwing for 571 yards to go along with two touchdowns and three interceptions. His QB Rating currently stands at 59.3, lowest of his career.

On defense Tampa has been average. They are 15th in the league with 344.3 yards allowed per game and 11th in scoring in only allowing 19 points a game. But when your offense is so bad your defense needs to be spectacular in order to stay competitive, and thus far that has not been the case.

The Bucs gave away the first game of the season against the New York Jets when Lavonte David picked up a personal foul, late hit penalty to allow the Jets to get into range to kick the game winning field goal. Since then, they have played very uninspiring football.

Freeman has lost all confidence in himself because of the lack of support from his coach Greg Schiano. There has also been rumor that Darrelle Revis has had his issues with the coaching style of Schiano.

Nonetheless, the Bucs sit at 0-3, but that is no reason to mail it in. Here are five ways to fix this team before it’s too late.

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5. Run the Football

Mark L. Baer - USA Today Sports

Even though sometimes circumstances dictate when you can run the ball based on the score, the Bucs' best playmaker is Doug Martin and he is currently getting a little over 25 touches per game. With Vincent Jackson banged up and Freeman struggling that number should at least be over 30. Martin proved he was a workhorse last year, carrying 319 times for 1454 yards. Please give him the ball.

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4. Acquire a Tight End

Brad Mills - USA Today Sports

A struggling quarterback’s best friend is a reliable tight end, and the Bucs do not have one. They could make a low risk move by bringing in a guy like Fred Davis from the Redskins as he will be a free agent at season’s end.

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3. More Pressure on the Quarterback

Mark L. Baer - USA Today Sports

The Bucs are 17th in rushing yards allowed per game and 15th in passing yards allowed. The run D was stout last year, but the secondary should be better with the addition of Revis. They can fix this by getting some more pressure on the QB as the Bucs are tied for 19th with only seven sacks through three games. Quarterbacks are having all day to throw, hanging the secondary out to dry. Adrian Clayborn and Gerald McCoy need to have more of an impact up front.

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2. Make the Change at Quarterback

Kim Klement - USA Today Sports

Mike Glennon might not be the answer at quarterback, but we don’t know yet. We do know that Freeman is not part of the future, but quite frankly it’s not his fault. I don’t like the way Schiano handled him, but that’s in the past and now it’s time to see if Glennon can be a stopgap solution or if the Bucs need to go QB early next year.

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1. Let Greg Schiano Go

Rob Foldy - USA Today Sports

This might not fix this season, but I think after a nice start to his professional coaching career Schiano is the guy that needs to take the fall here. He doesn’t seem to have the respect of his players, and sometimes a change is best for all parties involved. This team doesn’t have the best talent to begin with, but I refuse to believe Freeman can regress this much all on his own. It might be time yet again for a fresh start in Tampa.