Chicago Bears Offense Fact or Fiction: Week 3

By M. Quann Boyd
Martellus Bennett
Charles LeClaire USA Today Sports

Through three weeks of NFL action and to a lot of peoples surprise, the Chicago Bears stand alone in first place atop the NFC North. Now what’s even more shocking (and impressive) is the fact that the Bears have won all three of their games in large part due to the play of the offense as opposed to season where the Bears’ offense was a determent to the team. To Marc Trestman and his staff’s credit, thus far this young season the Bears’ offense has performed in a manner that is uncommon in the city of wind.

It’s been a revelation to see the Bears come out on offense in the shotgun with multiple receivers across the field. And not only that, but the fact that through three games the offense has found a way to get the job done. Other than against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 2, the Bears’ offense and Jay Cutler has done a fairly decent job of not turning the ball over. Through three games, the offense has turned the ball over five times, with the Bears not giving the ball away at all in their Week 3 match-up with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Something else that has worked in the Bears’ favor offensively has been the play of the offensive line. Through three games, the Bears O-line, with two rookies starting on the right side, have only given up a total of three sacks. Compared to how abysmal the 2012 O-line was at protecting Cutler, the version that has stepped on the field in 2013 for the Bears looks like a potential Pro Bowl unit. With the line playing at an elite level early in this season, another development with the offense has to do with Cutler believing in the other receivers not named Brandon Marshall. Cutler has lots of weapons this season on the outside in the form of wideouts Ashon Jeffery, Earl Bennett as well as tight end Martellus Bennett and of course Pro Bowl feature back Matt Forte.

The best thing about the Bears being 3-0 at this point in the season is that the offense has yet to play its best football. Now can you imagine what the Bears will look like once the team starts to really understand Trestman’s west coast offense? It’s a scary thought for the NFC powerhouses.

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