Chicago Bears' Week 3 Defensive Progress Report

By M. Quann Boyd
Corey Wootton
Jason Bridge USA Today Sports

Three weeks into the season the Chicago Bears are at the top of the mountain in the NFC North for the moment, and in many ways it’s been the offense that has won the games for the Bears at this point. Now as usual the Bears defense has been great at turning over the opposing team’s offense. In this early season, the defense already has 12 turnovers; however, the D has only five quarterback sacks with the linebacking corps accounting three of those sacks.

Most teams around the league would be happy with five sacks in three games, but than again most teams don’t have Julius Peppers, Corey Wootton, Shea McClellin, Nate Collins and a host of other linemen that the Bears have on the roster to pressure the quarterback. There’s a saying that pressure bursts pipes; well in the NFL, pressure disrupts offenses, and the Bears have been able to do so with just four men rushing. Only problem is at the moment, the collective of the defensive line has a total of two sacks, with Wootton being the only linemen accounting for a full sack. For a defensive unit that prides itself on getting pressure with just its front four that has been far from the case thus far.

Regardless to how many blitz packages defensive coordinator Mel Tucker may have already installed, if the front four can’t generate consistent pressure on the quarterback without the blitz, then it’s possible that Ben Roethlisberger won’t be the only quarterback to have a near career passing performance against the Bears’ mighty defense. It may be in the defensive line’s best interest to consider running more stunts to try to get linemen up the field and on the quarterback.

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