How the Houston Texans Can Turn Things Around Against Seattle Seahawks

By Mike Kerns
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off of your most embarrassing road loss since the playoff finale in New England last year, the Houston Texans have that look of a team that might be ready to implode. A turnaround trip home to face arguably the top team in the NFL doesn’t seem to be the remedy they need.

But just three games into the season, it seems quite a bit premature to pack it in and blow things up. Houston still has one of the most talented rosters in the league and they do play pretty well at home.

After not even getting in the end zone last week against a defense that was scorched in Week 1, facing off against the top-ranked defense in football seems to be the worst possible card the Texans could have drawn this week.

While the locals feel that Houston has no chance in this game, it’s just the kind of scenario the team faced last year when the got smoked by Green Bay and then followed that up with a thirty point smashing of Baltimore in Houston. Given that Ravens team didn’t have the defense this Seattle team does, we are talking about the eventual Super Bowl champs here.

These Seahawks have a lot of similarities to the Ravens of last year like their sporadic offensive line play and the look of a totally different team away from the reach of the 12th man at CenturyLink Field. Off to a fast start, one would think that their letdown game could be looming.

However, if the Texans run out there with the same horrible game plan that they did in Baltimore last week, Gary Kubiak won’t have to be wondering about how to get past the second round of the playoffs because he’ll be watching them from his sofa.

I was quite critical of the Kubiak and Matt Schaub era yesterday, and there is no change in my attitude today. The guy has schemed the same for seven years in Houston; why would one bad day at the office change his approach?

The most frustrating thing is that you hear about how Kubiak is adding all of these new wrinkles to the offense by trying things like a pistol formation, but the same exact plays are being run from it. If this offense doesn’t set up the running game, they’re mediocre to awful. They can’t sell the play-action, and teams stack the box and dare Schaub to beat them. For the last ten games he’s started, he hasn’t shown that he’s willing to accept that challenge.

To beat the stout Seattle defense, the offense must make adjustments this week. For the love of everything holy, they need to show some urgency. It seems like they’re moving at the slowest imaginable pace regardless of the situation in the game. I still place the blame for that on Kubiak, but Schaub has been deserving of his criticism the past two weeks.

Seattle has a stud secondary, so it won’t be easy. But they’re not going to give much ground to the running game, so Schaub needs to be able to find the open receiver. That means no more checking down every other play and going over the top once in awhile, if anything, to make them believe that you actually will go there.

My biggest gripe about Kubiak has been that he will not make in-game adjustments. If he doesn’t do it this week, this one could be over early in the third quarter.

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