Jacksonville Jaguars Rumors: Will Team Trade For QB Josh Freeman?

By Andrew Fisher

With the news of Josh Freeman being benched by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, rumors are now starting to swirl about where he’ll land next. For now, the word out of Tampa is that the team is content with keeping him on the roster as a backup. But at the same time, there’s buzz that they’d be open to trading him. Freeman is set to become a free agent at the end of the year, so if the team wants to get something for him, their only option is to trade him in the near future.

So the next logical question becomes – what teams could realistically want to trade for the QB?

Any team that acquires him would need to have uncertainty at the position. It seems unlikely that a team with an established signal-caller would want him, unless they just need an insurance policy. So when you look down the line of NFL teams, there aren’t a ton of landing spots for him. But one team that makes a lot of sense is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re not going to bring in Tim Tebow at this point, so maybe they’ll roll the dice on Freeman?

The team has said that it’s sticking with Blaine Gabbert for now, but you’d have to think he’s down to his last few starts as a Jaguar. Unless he turns things around in a big hurry, he’ll be riding the pine again in no time.

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Jacksonville would likely have to give up at least a fourth or fifth round pick for Freeman, so it’s going to be a matter of if they feel that’s worth it to see what he can do. The rest of this season would act as an audition for him with the team, because of his looming free agent status.

My gut feeling is that the Jaguars will pass on bringing Freeman in, but of all the teams in the league, they make the most sense as a landing spot for him in 2013.


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