Michael Vick Needs To Be Razor Sharp For Philadelphia Eagles To Have A Chance Against Denver Broncos

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday’s affair that pits the Philadelphia Eagles against the Denver Broncos is a battle of two of the top offenses in the NFL. Never in league history have two teams averaging at least 460 yards per game faced one another until Sunday.

There is no doubt about it; this should be a high scoring affair that sees both offenses rack up the yards and points. There is one caveat to that. Michael Vick has to be on top of his game. We all know Peyton Manning will show up and ball out as he always does. Vick, however, is a much more erratic quarterback. In order to keep pace with this vaunted Broncos offense Vick is going to need to be razor sharp and limit his mistakes. If he does that the Eagles have a fighting chance of pulling off a major upset.

On the flip side, if we see turnovers and mistakes from Vick as we have seen far too many times this season this game could get ugly and quickly for the Eagles. The Broncos are a good enough football team without being gifted points and field position. This has to be the key to the game for the Eagles.

There really is no stopping that Broncos attack. The only hope is for the Eagles’ defense to contain them and limit the amount of points they score. Keep the offense in the game. If the Broncos have one weak spot it is their 19th ranked defense, specifically in the secondary. If the Eagles play mistake-free football, limit points in the red zone, and even cause a few turnovers they have a puncher’s chance to pull off the upset of the year.

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