New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan Implements New Strategy To Minimize Penalties

By Stephen Conway
Rex Ryan
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets made headlines this past Sunday when they committed 20 penalties against the Buffalo Bills yet still managed to win 27-20. Nobody was more upset about the penalties than coach Rex Ryan, and Ryan decided to take matters into his own hands.

Ryan is implementing a strategy that was active with the team during their 2010 campaign and hopes that it will be just as successful as it was back then.

Every time a player commits a penalty in practice, play stops, and everyone does a set of ten push-ups. All players, all coaches and staff must participate — yes, including Woody Johnson — and Ryan encourages fans to jump in. The catch is that the culprit watches.

This is a classic coaching tactic, but it’s interesting that he makes all coaches and staff around him do it; it’s actually sort of cool. If something like this can bring some light to a subject that is a main focus point for the Jets and it works, then it will just bring the organization closer.

In situations like this, players often will get on the players who commit the penalties because they have to do push-ups. Because of this, it helps players to not commit penalties, so his teammates and coaches don’t have to endure a rigorous set of 10 push-ups.

I say rigorous in a sarcastic tone, because I am positive that everyone on the Jet team can bang out 10 push-ups easily, considering they are all professional athletes. What could be interesting and/or funny to see is the coaches trying to consistently do sets of 10 push-ups if it’s a “bad day.” Although, with Ryan’s weight loss, it is probably easier to do this now than 2010.

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