Running Back Depth Not Being Utilized By Philadelphia Eagles

By Ryan Wenzell
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles boast some of the best depth in the entire league at the running back position. Right now, it is not being utilized in the least. Granted, the way that LeSean McCoy has been playing, it is hard to take him off the field; but he will wear down near the end of the season if he keeps up a work load like this.

Bryce Brown busted out last year when McCoy went down with a season-ending injury. He frankly looked like a star in the making with the size and speed combination of a Bo Jackson-type running back. Brown has hardly seen in the field this year. It is certainly a curious use of the running back position given head coach Chip Kelly‘s propensity for running the ball in his coaching career.

Another back who hasn’t seen the field or even registered a carry this season is second-year man Chris Polk. Polk is a bruising power back that also has stellar hands. You would think he would be more heavily utilized in short-yardage situations and in the screen game, where his power and hands could be used to benefit the team.

Much like the tight end position, the running back depth has curiously not been taken advantage of. You have to wonder if this is just coach Kelly feeling out his personnel, or if the players aren’t impressing as much as they did in training camp or in the preseason.

Regardless, injuries take their toll in the regular season. That depth will eventually be tested for the Eagles. The way Kelly frenetically runs his offense means the offense will inevitably need fresh bodies in the late quarters to stay fresh and potentially ice games away. Let’s hope for the sake of some of these players trying to prove themselves in the league that these opportunities comes sooner rather than later.

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