Should Tampa Bay Buccaneers Trade Josh Freeman?

By Michael Terrill

The writing was on the wall for quarterback Josh Freeman when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Mike Glennon in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft. It began to go downhill from there when the players decided Freeman would no longer be a captain. At this point, the Buccaneers would be foolish not to trade the signal caller immediately after announcing Glennon will get the start on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

The good news for the Buccaneers is that there are several teams that could use a quarterback who is capable of playing at the level of a starter. It will not be hard to find a suitable trade for Freeman, especially since the organization has deemed him unfit to lead the team. At this point, it appears Tampa Bay plans to sit back and deliver him to the highest bidder.

“Right now, Josh goes in as our No. 2 quarterback,” general manager Mark Dominik said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “I’m not going to hold Josh hostage. But if we get something, we get something. We’re not going to give him away.”

One team in particular that should offer a trade is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The organization is going nowhere fast, as the team is well on their way to a 0-16 season. Freeman could be exactly what the Jaguars need to get things on the right track.

Even though Freeman has been rumored to want a trade after he realized he was not in the team’s plans for the future, it still has to be a tough pill to swallow to see it become a reality.

Fans in Tampa Bay must be having a hard time understanding why their starter has been benched, especially since his numbers were not all that bad last season. I understand that the team has begun the season 0-3 and Freeman has not performed at an ideal level. With that being said, the reason for the Buccaneers being winless should not fall completely on his shoulders. Unfortunately, he is exactly who everyone blames.

“The main thing for us was the performance of the team the last nine games was 1-8 and that’s tough,” Dominik said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “He hasn’t played well. That’s a part of it. If you don’t have a quarterback in this league, you don’t have a shot. We felt like we’d seen enough of what we needed to see.”

Freeman has completed 45.7 percent of his passes for 571 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions in three starts this season.

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