Tampa Bay Buccaneers Had No Choice But To Go With Mike Glennon

By Andrew Fisher

The writing has been on the wall for some time now. Josh Freeman has seemed destined for failure in 2013 ever since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Mike Glennon this past April. Things got rocky before the season even kicked off, as Freeman lost his status as team captain. Then, things complicated when he was late for a team photo shoot. On top of everything else, there have been rumors that Greg Schiano is not on the same page with Freeman and many other Bucs’ members.

So it’s with all that and the fact that the team is winless at 0-3, that the decision was made to go to Glennon at quarterback. Some might argue it’s too early to make this move, but I couldn’t disagree more. Tampa’s season is on the verge of being lost and the team needs a spark. This move will also get the elephant out of the room. Glennon taking over squashes any talk of a QB controversy and frankly, what do the Bucs have to lose at this point?

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It’s been clear since Tampa drafted Glennon that he was more likely to be the QB of this team moving forward than Freeman. The team already made a statement by not re-signing Freeman last season and in fairness, they did give him a chance to save his job. Three games in, it wasn’t working.

This bold move is somewhat of a risk, but sometimes that’s what teams have to do to get back on track.


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