The Washington Redskins: An Unintentional Horror Reality Show

By Greg Bradshaw
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins hoped that 2013 would be the year they would take the next step towards becoming an elite team. They’re off to a slow start in that regard, sporting a 0-3 record with a slew of difficult games on the horizon. The entire buzz surrounding the Redskins focuses on their struggles on the field, as well as their inability to live up to expectations created by last season’s NFC East title team. Washington’s struggles have the makings of an awful reality show.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III is proof positive of Washington’s struggles; as he goes, the Redskins go. Unfortunately, the Redskins haven’t been going anywhere. Griffin has contributed to his team’s misfortune, missing open receivers in the passing game. Making matters worse, he lost a fumble after sliding for an apparent first down during Washington’s 27-20 Week 3 loss to the Detroit Lions. Griffin chided the rule as a “sucky rule”, but nevertheless, his fumble deprived the Redskins of at worst a field goal attempt that could have changed the game’s momentum.

It doesn’t stop there. Wide receiver Pierre Garcon maintains that Griffin is still not fully recovered from his torn right ACL. Maybe Garcon should worry about developing a better on field rapport with his quarterback in an effort to solidify the offense. In addition, Washington head coach Mike Shanahan occasionally fields questions about resting Griffin during the preseason, a move mandated by Dr. James Andrews. Regardless of whether or not it was a good move, Shanahan is wise enough not to go against the mandate of Dr. Andrews, a well renowned surgeon whose pedigree radiates success.

Rounding out the dramatics is the Washington defense, who never met an opposing offense they could stop. The unit has given up 1,464 yards of total offense through the first three games, the NFL record for futility during that stretch. Watching the Redskins’ secondary try to cover opposing wide receivers is a thrill that should only be experienced on a full stomach.

Television networks don’t have to worry about the horror reality show that is the Washington Redskins coming to their network. Redskins’ fans hope that Griffin can revert to his rookie form, and that the defense can show some sort of competency in Week 4 against the Oakland Raiders. If those things happen, Washington may earn their first win of 2013, effectively ending their horror reality show for at least a week.

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