Buffalo Bills’ Public Enemy In Week 4: Baltimore Ravens’ Haloti Ngata

By Scott DelleFave
Haloti Ngata
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens‘ monster defensive tackle Haloti Ngata is a massive run clogging human being. He will virtually shut down any traffic up the middle Sunday and nearly every single week due to his immense size and freakish athleticism. Ngata is 6-foot-4 340 pounds and when he played for the University of Oregon Ducks he also played rugby which is downright frightening to think about.

While Ngata will not blow you away with sack totals ever, he can nearly take out most teams’ interior lines by himself. It can be borderline unfair when he’s teamed up with Terrence Cody and they line up in 4-3 and 46 defensive sets as that’s often over 700 pounds of mass to contain just up the middle of the defense.

The Buffalo Bills‘ interior line has been heavily battered in the first three weeks, so center and leader of the offensive line Eric Wood must step up and engage him all game long. If Wood can lock him down and neutralize him, which would result in the running game actually gaining some traction unlike last week against the New York Jets, it will also allow quarterback E.J. Manuel to actually have time to throw the ball to his receivers.

All in all it’ll be interesting to see if the banged up Buffalo Bills can recover again after defeat and neutralize Haloti Ngata to defeat the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.

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