Can Indianapolis Colts’ Jerrell Freeman Become a Legitimate Threat in Pass Rush?

By Michael Terrill
Can Indianapolis Colts’ Jerrell Freeman Become a Legitimate Threat in Pass Rush
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Linebacker Jerrell Freeman was outstanding for the Indianapolis Colts in his rookie season last year. The Colts were hoping for the best in 2013, which was to see the 27-year-old build off his stellar performance. What they have gotten in return is something the team could have only dreamed of entering this season.

Freeman posted a whopping 145 total tackles, two sacks, one forced fumble and one interception in 16 games last season. To go above and beyond that kind of performance is certainly not an easy task, but Indianapolis believed he was the man who could do it.

The Texas native has already recorded three sacks this season. More importantly, he has proven that he is capable of putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks when the coaching staff dials up a blitz for him. The fact that he is able to do this as an inside linebacker is certainly impressive.

“It’s just making the most of an opportunity,” Freeman said, according to “Guys up front, my other linebackers blitzing in and doing their thing. They’re doing all that work, the least I can do is make a play when I get the opportunity.”

Heading into Week 4, Freeman is tied for ninth in the NFL in total sacks and tied for second with two forced fumbles. Obviously, that is much more than just making a simple play when the opportunity presents itself. Freeman is making sure the offensive line is aware of his presence at all times, which is allowing his teammates to make plays. A team could not ask for more from a young defensive player.

What the Colts have to be very excited about is Freeman’s proven ability to turn into a legitimate pass rusher.

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