Key Weapons Of Chip Kelly's Offense Must Be Relentless For Victory

By williambontrager
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

What we saw from Michael Vick in the last game was causing horrid flashbacks of last season when the Philadelphia Eagles won only four games. But we have seen the high powered offense put up points in bunches this season. The only thing is it has not been efficient like Peyton Manning and the machine precision he uses to get the ball to his receivers.

I watched the Oakland Raiders getting picked apart maliciously by him and thought about the Eagles’ corners and safeties being dissected in a similar manner this Sunday. The defense must be crafty, but the game is going to be lopsided without those rare glimpses of excellence from Chip Kelly‘s offense.

Manning is obviously going to score his points, but at times the Eagles have also shown that they can get into the end zone and flood opponents with points. LeSean McCoy‘s intense jukes and leaps over lunging defenders have gained him just under 400 yards this season as he leads the league. If Shady stays healthy he could cause the Broncos some strife, but a run game is only as good as its passing threat.

Vick, despite his two turnovers last game, has been playing well this season. He has been making good decisions, he’s been accurate with the long ball more than in previous years, and he has scrambled for big yards.

Also on the positive side is the magical glove of Jason Avant and the danger reemerging from DeSean Jackson after a dismal year in 2012. If they keep making catches like they did against the Kansas City Chiefs it will be a race of points to the closing of the fourth quarter.

Finally it comes down to Kelly’s trickery. The Broncos have been playing some traditional teams up until this point. The Eagles need to befuddle defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio with their read option and their breathtaking pace. The last two games had the tempo slowed to favor the opponents, but they can’t afford it this game.

Easing off the accelerator is pulling the trigger on Manning’s accurate arm, with the result being an unfortunate loss for Philly. The town and the people can’t afford another dismal season.

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