Minnesota Vikings: Does Greg Jennings Prefer Matt Cassel at QB?

By Andrew Fisher
Greg Jennings
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

As the Minnesota Vikings get set to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers from London this Sunday, the big question still remains – who will start at QB for the Vikings? Christian Ponder is currently dealing with rib injury and as a result, Matt Cassel has taken increased snaps in practice this week. The Vikings still haven’t officially announced who will be behind center come Sunday, but right now I’d say it’s 60/40 – Ponder.

One player that has weighed in on the QB situation is none other that wide receiver Greg Jennings. The WR is never afraid to speak his mind. He made headlines throughout the summer by taking light-hearted shots at his former QB, Aaron Rodgers, but head coach Leslie Frazier eventually told him to knock it off. Here’s what Jennings had to say on Cassel as the Vikings’ signal-caller:

“He’s more verbal, kind of commanding in the huddle. That’s the difference. That comes with him having more experience.”

Clearly, that’s just the WR responding to a question from a reporter, but does his answer speak volumes? I think it’s fair to wonder if Cassel’s experience would do some good for the Vikings.

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But all speculation aside, Frazier maintains that the Vikings want Ponder to start on Sunday. I’m not entirely buying it, though. At 0-3 the coaching staff (and Jennings) has to be curious to see how the team looks with No. 16 under center. I’m not convinced he’s any better than Ponder, but I doubt many Vikings’ fans will throw a fit if Cassel does get the nod Sunday.


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