New York Giants: Offense Needs To Start With No Huddle

By Andrew Lecointe
Bob Donnan — USA Today Sports

If you look at the first half of the three games for the New York Giants so far, one thing has been noticeable about their offense. Their offense has started out slow, failing to put up a healthy amount of points. The second half of each game, all losses, has taken lives of their own.

To correct this issue, the Giants should start their upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs with a no-huddle offense. This isn’t an easy feat because the Chiefs are coming off of a win against the Philadelphia Eagles, who exclusively feature the no-huddle. The Chiefs were able to weather that storm.

While much has been made about the interceptions thrown by Eli Manning so far, there’s one thing we can all agree on: He’s a smart quarterback. Manning is good at figuring out pre-snap looks from opposing defenses, so the Giants can quicken the tempo early and take advantage.

Last year, the Giants tried the no-huddle early against the Cincinnati Bengals, and it didn’t work. Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride quickly abandoned the philosophy and never went back to it. Just because it doesn’t work one time doesn’t mean it will never work.

Running the no-huddle offense doesn’t necessarily mean the Giants have to run plays quickly on every snap. It should be run at a pace suitable for the players on the team, as it can tire out the offensive players as well. The idea of the no-huddle offense is to minimize the amount of substitutions and elaborate play calling from the defense.

The Giants shouldn’t deviate too far from their customary game plan. However, it is clear the Giants must change something in order to get a win.

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