Peyton Manning Will Have Bad Game Against Philadelphia Eagles' Secondary

By williambontrager
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning is an elite quarterback in the NFL, and his Denver Broncos are coming off an imposing victory where he destroyed the heathenish Oakland Raiders. All of the Vegas lackeys are going with him against the weakened secondary of the Philadelphia Eagles, who are predicted to fail against this chess master, in a battle of wits on the field. So, what is a team to do when they are up against incredible odds, a team that has many consistent weapons and home-field advantage?

Upset the expectations of Broncos fans with the best game of their defensive life.

Manning is a force against the blitz, but he is still old, with neck problems in the past and proven to get rattled if the pocket gets broken. We have an inexperienced set of pass rushers, but they are skilled when they get on the same page. Billy Davis has to call the right plays, and the safeties have to play dumb, feign when they are coming, go the other direction and be cautious not to give themselves away.

This has not happened in the past two games. Nate Allen and Patrick Chung showed their advancements way too early against Phillip Rivers and Alex Smith. Chung may be out with a shoulder injury, so rookie Earl Wolff replaced him in Wednesday’s practice, and based on his own words, is taking the challenge very seriously. The pair has to be perfect on Sunday in front of a confident crowd that is used to seeing their team win, and win big. When asked about the game, Wolff responded.

“You have to give him different looks,” Wolff said via “You can’t just sit there and show him what you’re going to do or he’s going to pick you apart.”

Allen backed him up and supported the rookie, saying that he is coming along nicely, agreeing with the strategy.

A vote of confidence from the awful Allen is hardly encouraging, but let’s hope that he actually backs up his mouth with some action at Mile High Stadium. My prediction is that the Eagles surprise the world with a 17-14 win, with Manning having a frustrating afternoon as our defense has the best game of their rocky season. That’s right, the birds are coming!

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